Happy birthday!

*sings to herself* Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me!

Yay! I turn 19! Unbelievable.. I can't believe it :)


fun quiz for myspace profile and blog


Writer's Block: Inspiring
The creativity of other's and my own imagination. Something people talk about or something I see. It could be many things.


"What does your name mean?"

What 'Sabrina' Means:

S is for Swanky
A is for Animated
B is for Bouncy
R is for Romantic
I is for Impressive
N is for Nervy
A is for Ambitious


It's so close.
It's right there!
I can feel it.
Right there,
on the tip of my tounge,
in the outskirts of my mind,
playing with me,
tormenting me,
doing a silly dance while singing "You can't catch me!".

Why does it have to be so difficult?
I have it in my mind,
I can see it,
imagine it,
watch it play like a movie,
but I can't put it down on paper!
I can't say it either.

All those words, scenes, phrases, ideas and explanations are stubbornly staying in my head, instead of doing the useful thing, and get down on the paper!

It's so damn irritating..


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